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How Grandfalls Power Washer Leads No Pain Just Gain?

Would you like to get your home cleaned as per your needs? A grandfalls power washer can help. Grandfalls power washer, also known as a pressure washer, or water blaster, removes dirt from various surfaces.

A power washer is a machine that has powerful water pumps. It transfers pressurized water by a pump that supplies the water at high pressure to its outlet. The water pump will work only when the trigger is pressed and stop immediately when released.

In grandfalls power washer, TTS (total stop system) is a technology that allows the motor to stop automatically when the trigger is active. It is ideal for outdoor cleaning jobs around the house, especially in tough areas that often require multiple accessories.


Some advantages of grandfalls power washer are given below:

Automatic Hose Reel:

You can easily adjust it to the distance you want and start by unzipping the hose reel from the unit. When your work is finished, release the nozzle trigger, and the power washer automatically retracts the hose back into its storage compartment in the unit. It saves your time spent in reeling and un-reeling hoses.

Rotating brackets:

The rotating brackets in the power washer help you move the wand from one angle to another. By using the rotating brackets, you can achieve better angle adjustments. Grandfalls power washer is equipped with a 180° rotating bracket to simplify storage.

SLS And GFIC Protection:

The SLS (safety lock switch) has enhanced safety protection. It can lock the trigger gun to prevent unexpected or unintended spraying when not in use.

GFIC stands for Ground Fault Interrupter Circuit. It’s a safety device built into power washing machines that protects you from electrical shock by shutting off power to the water pump if the current is ever interrupted.

Easy To Convey:

Granfalls power washer increases your cleaning power in just minutes. The powerful, lightweight design makes it easy to transport –set it on a sturdy surface. It is entirely self-contained and requires no extra mechanical parts or special tools for setup.

Make Less Friction:

Grandfalls power washer is a beneficial patented frictionless cleaning tool that makes it dependable. It uses nylon encapsulated bushings and a low-pressure laminated vane pump to reduce the weight and friction in the drive train. These features provide the user with added durability, quieter operation, longer belt life.


A portable power washer is a perfect solution for those looking for a machine that’s quick and easy to use for cleaning driveways, decks, and more. The importance of a grandfalls power washer is searching around the house, garden, or outdoors and you’d probably see lots of things that need washing.

Power washers are simply tools that help to remove rust, staining, mold, and moss from different surfaces. Washing walls, stripping paint or tiles, and even cleaning windows. This also makes it safer to use around children because smaller water pressure allows water to run more slowly than a normal hose. You should invest in this type of power washer that increases your comfort.

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